Yagya promotes well being in all areas of life

Yagya is vedic technology to harmonize the realm of the planets with the realm of human life (as above so below). It operates on the level of the 9 planets: administrators of Universal activity. Yagya tends the root to nourish the fruit.

It restores balance and harmony in all spheres of life because it originates from Ved - the fundamental level of existence - the blue print of creation. Maladies of mind, body and circumstance are ameliorated and rectified through yagya.

Yagya relieves the suffering due to malefic planets

Maladies of Mind Body and Circumstance are rectified

Our joys and sorrows in this life are the fruits of actions (karmas) done in previous births. The fruits of our past actions are mediated or delivered to us by the planets Their arrangement in the heavens at the time of birth is a karmic map of our life. Vedic astrology interprets this ‘star map’ (horoscope) enabling predictions to be derived from it. Planets activate during the period of life allotted to them. A malefic or afflicted planet in the horoscope will bring problems during the period ruled or influenced by it. Yagya relieves the suffering.

Overwhelming Gratitude

I have had the good fortune to verify the accuracy of Ganesh's jyotish (vedic astrology) and the efficacy of the yagyas that he arranges in my own life. I am simply left with a wonderment at the workings of the universe and an overwhelming gratitude for his help More

Mansa Devi 2009 April Navaratri

3 Year old diagnosed with siezures

Hi Ganesh, I have some amazing news. On the 39th day after Mia's first Yagya, she stopped having her drop attacks (or seizures as the doctors call them) completely!!!!!! I mean, going from hundreds per day, to nothing, not even one!!!! Today was the 13th day that she has been able to walk around freely and unassisted. And because her medication never did anything for her anyway, I have weaned her off completely and now she is drug free too!!!!! I just cant believe it's over... More


K. had a scan showing that Cancer has not grown for a year. So that is great news for us, especially when the radiation professor told him to say his goodbyes and expect very little time beyond last November. Then when he suddenly had all that pain over Christmas I thought well this is it. Then the yagya you did for him seemed to take away the pain. That pain was considered to be the adhesions which 'suddenly' one week after the yagya resolved in one day. S. NSW. Australia

Devi Karumari Tamil Nadu 2006

Planets deliver the fruits of our past actions or karmas
Yagya relieves the suffering due to malefic planets

Malefic or afflicted planets deliver suffering in the period of life ruled or influenced by them. Yagya relieves this suffering. Every planet serves a Devata (Ruling Law of Nature). Devata is invoked or created through recitation of it's Mantra in the prescribed manner. Devata effectively neutralizes the suffering (Karmic Debt) delivered by the planet. When we befriend the President (Devata), his Executive (Malefic Planet) becomes our friend. More detail

In this way, Yagya propitiates Presiding Laws of Nature (Devata) and relieves the suffering delivered by malefic planets. Vedic pandits have performed yagya since time out of memory. When they do it on your behalf, the benefits are yours; the suffering ends. Maladies of Mind Body and Circumstance are rectified. Testimonials
Berola (outside Delhi) 2005 March

First Prize

Dear Ganesh, Wanted to let you know while you are still in India so that you can pass on my heartfelt thanks in person to the pundits who performed my daughter's Venus Yagya...We're just home from the screening of the Australian Student Short Film Awards at Federation Square...she and her friend won 1st prize for their section [Years 7 to 10] and then proceeded to also win the Grand prize for the evening, beating the year 10, 11 and 12's... It means so much to me on so many levels so thank you so much for all your support, help and organization of the Indian side of things. I feel such relief as much as anything. It's all going to be OK. love and blessings, J Australia

Devi Karumari Tamil Nadu

Arrows bouncing off

The vedic realm delivered the protection - the arrows bounced off - for many hours the barrister asked long, tricky questions and I was able to answer all of them. So I now know what that term "arrows bouncing off" means. Thanks and please pass on my appreciation to the pundits. B Australia

Thirukaddayur, Tamil Nadu

Finding the way

...During the eight days of the yagya, at first I felt quite ill, this passed and I began to feel quieter and slowly I felt the life return to me. I began to feel very peaceful and could see very clearly my direction and position in life. I do not ever remember feeling as positive and calm as I have since the Yagya has been completed. It is now almost 2 weeks, and I have had the usual low days, but have felt at peace with myself and the low times have paled in insignificance. Thank you Ganesh, Barbara, Australia More



Dear Ganesh, I thought you might be interested in the visible manifestations of my saturn yagya. The most significant change was probably in my daughter rather than in me. At 10 she had become argumentative, confrontational and very needy. We had been working on this for some time. The week after the yagya she totally changed. Not her personality, but her attitude. She suddenly, overnight became helpful, discursive rather than argumentative, co-operational rather than confrontational and discussed what she needed to be happier. For her it was a great relief to be able to manage without becoming catty, angry or solitary. For me it was also a great relief and I could now relax and trust that she was OK; wonderful for both of us. It seems my yagyas are destined to help those close to me. P.R. Australia

Shree Math, Karnataka

Powerful Subtle and truly Sublime

..Throughout these last 3 days of the yagyas it seems like I've been flying through a vast array of emotions at hyper-light speed, general elation at times,even a joyous kind of giddiness. I suddenly even remembered one of my favorite childhood songs that used to make me smile, something I thought I had lost forever. The experience of the yags has been powerful, subtle, and truly sublime.. More

Kalimath 2005 October Navaratri

Mother and Daughter

I think it’s fair to say that my daughter is in a better frame of mind than she was a week ago. In the last few days she’s started a major overhaul of her room - last time she did a really big clean out was about 2 years ago! To me that shows a pretty significant shift in energy and motivation. Is it really possible that it would affect me too? How does that work? Is it coincidental that I’ve had a big creative breakthrough on something I’ve been trying to come to grips with for a few years – all the pieces seem to have come together and I finally know what direction I’m going in to try to achieve something creatively now...

Hi Ganesh, I’d be happy for you to use this [testimonial]– I feel very privileged to have access to these yagyas. Please give my thanks to Pandit Satapathy too J, Australia


The ultimate experience of my yagya was that my joy came back. It was like the storm clouds parting and letting the sun shine through. Life had been clouded by a succession of stresses and I had not seen it for a long time. ... JN, Australia

Sri Swayam Prakasa Sri Sachidananda Saraswathi

How Yagyas Work
Horoscope Planets: Ministers of Fate

Our joys and sorrows in this life are the fruits of actions (karmas) done in previous births. The fruits of our past actions are mediated or delivered to us by the planets Their arrangement in the heavens at the time of birth is a karmic map of our life. Vedic astrology interprets this ‘star map’ (horoscope) enabling predictions to be derived from it. Planets activate during the period of life allotted to them. A malefic or afflicted planet in the horoscope will bring problems during the period ruled or influenced by it.

Planets administer Universal activity on behalf of their ruling Devatas (Adi Devata)

All activity in the universe is governed by Natural law or Devata. Individual Devatas are primordial principals of Natural law (Gods). Each devata is like a Government Minister and the 9 Planets are their executive officers. Between them, Devata & Planets (Navagraha) rule & administer all activity in the universe. Planets in detail (explanation continues below images)

Ganesha/Ganapathi (Lord/Remover of Obstacles) Sidhi Vinayaka (Bestowing Success) More detail

Science of yagya correlates each planet with a God or Devata

Vishnu the maintainer. Lord Krsna, Rama: 2 of Vishnu's great incarnations avatars Adidevata ruling Budha/Mercury and Guru/Jupiter More detail

Devata is a Law of nature: a primordial principal of nature's intelligence. The deeper universal reality, these principles of order and intelligence underlie the apparently random, superficial layers of existence: the methods amidst the madness. Devata, Gods or ruling impulses of Natural Law preside over all activity. Everything in nature, every process and every manifestation operates according to the laws of nature: from planets orbiting the sun to the sprouting of a seed: every thought word and action, every circumstance. Everything operates according to specific laws of nature or Devata. All suffering is the result of transgression of Natural Law. (explanation continues below images)

Shiva (Rudra or Mahadeva)

Collectively, Devata presides over all activity in the universe


Individually, each Devata presides or rules over an area of life in much the same way as a Government official presides over a government department. In turn, Devata's discharge their responsibilities through the instrumentality of the planets. The planets are the executive officers of the Devatas. A planet's ruling devata is known as its Adi Devata (chief, original, supreme). (explanation continues below images)


If we wish to effect change in an area of life...

Durga (Mother Divine or Shakti) God's feminine aspect

... propitiate the ruling planet and it's devata in the same way we would seek the aid of government officials in order to achieve a desired end within their department. For example: if you want to improve roads in your neighborhood, contact the roads department along with the transport minister. In the same way, if you want to increase your prosperity: propitiate Laksmi the goddess of wealth. Yagya is the most effective way to propitiate the devatas and thereby achieve the desired result. Testimonials (explanation continues below images)

Mother Kali Goddess of Moksha Purification Protection from negative influences

God or devata is also known as a presiding impulse of natural law. Lord Shiva (Rudra) Hanuman , Durga ( Kali, Laksmi, Saraswathi ) Vishnu (Narasimha, Rama) – these and the rest of the vedic pantheon are precisely correlated to the planets. Each devata has its own mantras which may be found in the vedic literature. A mantra is a formula for invoking the grace of the devata.

Laksmi Goddess of Wealth Abundance and Success: Inner and outer fullness

Saraswathi Goddess of Knowledge Education Artistic endeavor Life purpose

Vedic recitation - invoking the highest level of natural law

When the vedic mantras are properly recited, according to the prescribed manner laid down in the yajur ved, the devata (subject of the mantra) is invoked or created in the brain physiology and environment of the person reciting. The whole atmosphere (mind, body, surrounds) of the reciter reverberates in the value of the devata. The relationship between devata and planet is best understood through the following analogy. The devata is like the company president and the planet is his executive officer. When we align ourselves with the company president (by reciting his mantra), his executive naturally becomes our friend and stops delivering the karma and suffering to us. In this way, the karmas or suffering delivered by the planets is neutralized. Testimonials

It should be noted there are also specific mantras or formulas for invoking the grace of the planets. A typical yagya will include Japa or repitition of both types of mantra: planetary & for the presiding devata. With respect to the presiding devata it is desireable to perform a planetary yagya on an auspicious day. The day is considered auspicious because it indicates a window of opportunity: a time when that particular impulse of creative intelligence or devata is most lively & accessible. In other words these are periods when that aspect of nature's intelligence is most propitious or ready to bestow its grace. Eg: perform Saturn and Moon yagyas on Maha Shiva Ratri Mercury + Jupiter yagyas on Raam Navaami Venus yagyas during Navaratri etc.. When planetary yagya is performed on the day dedicated to the planet's ruling devata, its potency and effectiveness is multiplied many times.

Pundits of the ancient Vedic tradition

While there is great benefit in learning and reciting these mantras for yourself, yagyas require many thousands of repititions of a particular mantra. For this reason, there is the tradition of vedic pundits: Brahmins (knowledge custodians) born into ancient family traditions and trained from childhood to recite the vedic mantras in the correct manner and ceremonial. These professionals will do the needed performances on your behalf. In return you pay them a fee or 'dakshina'. Then the benefit of the yagya (grace/credit/'punya') is yours. Testimonials

Maa Gayatri Anusthana, Biswanath Assam

Ved: eternal blueprint of creation

Vedic mantra comes from Ved/Veda: the core philosophic/spiritual knowledge of India. This body of knowledge is held to be ‘apaurushaya’ or uncreated. It was originally known through divine cognition of the Rishis or great Seers of ancient India. Recognized as the oldest record of human experience known to man, Ved is held to be the eternal blueprint of creation. It is the source of Yoga; Ayurveda; eastern philosophy, spirituality & mysticism. Vedic Literature include Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Rg Ved, Sama Ved, Yajur Ved, Atharva Ved, etc...

Yagya restores balance and harmony in all spheres of life because it originates from Ved - the fundamental level of existence - the blue print of creation. And it operates on the level of the 9 Planets: the administrators of Universal action. Maladies of mind, body and circumstance are ameliorated and rectified through yagya. Testimonials

Law of Karma (Action)

Every thought, word and action generates an influence in the environment which ultimately comes back to us. Like throwing a stone into a pond, it makes waves. The waves radiate out in all directions influencing the whole pond. When the waves reach the shore, they bounce back and eventually return to their place of origin.
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
What goes around, comes around.
You reap what you sow.

Optimal benefits from speciality yagyas performed at celebrated temples

We've been traveling to India regularly the past 24 years - more than 100 times. Over the years, working with pandit groups associated with different temples, we've found that some temples (dedicated to a particular God or Devata) specialize in certain yagyas. While they may perform many yagyas, some work better than others. This is due to the God or Devata of the temple and its relevance for particular yagyas. Over the years we've explored and cultivated working relationships with a number of temples specializing in particular yagyas. It has been our experience and more important our clients' experience - this approach works well.

Trayambakeshwar Temple Maharashtra


India is "Dev Bhumi": land of the Gods. India has many places where the Devata value is lively and accessible. Devata or deeper, Universal reality (God or presiding impulse of natural law) is lively and accessible in and around certain special locations. From one perspective, we can say Devata, land and families living on the land are not seperate. Although they appear as seperate entities, they are, in fact, part and parcel of the same reality. It can also be said the reality of the Devata (universal, eternal Law of Nature) has permeated these places since time out of memory. Accordingly, temples are constucted to serve as a focal point. The deeper universal reality (Devata) is not separate from the land, the temple or indeed the families who have lived there for generations. And the pandits born of these families perform the yagyas.

Narasimha Temple Tamil Nadu

While pandits are integral to the Yagyas - because they recite the mantras and perform the ceremonies - they are not separate from Devata. So the land, temples, and pandits born of the families - are a manifestation of Devata: the eternal universal reality - the greater wholeness. Therefore it's fair to say the influence of Devata (grace, blessing) operates through the temple and the pandits who service the temple. In this way, speciality yagyas performed at celebrated Temples deliver the Grace of Devata optimal benefits

Kaamakhya Temple Assam

There are 4 Navaratris each year (9 nights of Mother Divine). Activation/infusion of Shakti or Nature's organizing power is at the heart of each festival. And every Navaratri has its own theme. Magha Navaratri (10-18 February) invokes Maha Saraswathi whose Grand Day (Vasant Panchami) occurs on February 14 [India] which is also the grand day of Kaama Deva, God of Love (Cupid).

63 Pandits 3 Celebrated Temples 10-18 February 2024
1,008 Durga Saptashati Recitations (Essence of Durga puja)
10,008 Kali Kavacham Recitations (Kali Maa's Protection)

Psychological health, Clarity of mind, Life purpose/dharma, Career Education Knowledge Artistic inspiration + endeavor. Saraswathi is Source Course and Goal.

Saraswathi is pure, all pervading knowledge (Gyana Akasha). Her grand festival for 2024 runs 10-18 February inclusive [India]. She encompasses all aspects of knowledge: pure and applied. She is the pure knowledge of Self realization. She also governs creativity, inspiration, intelligence, thinking, speech, writing, music, arts, all aspects of teaching, learning and creative expression. Saraswathi is the Primordial Muse. Traditionally, she is invoked by those seeking fame inspiration and success in their artistic or creative endeavors. Education, research and sciences are in her domain. Mental health, Clarity of mind, Life purpose/dharma, vocation, career, knowledge - if you desire progress, Saraswathi is the source, course and goal.

When you participate in Saraswathi Navaratri 9 Days yagya festival, your life is infused with Shakti or Nature's organizing power. Dharma (life purpose) Clarity of mind, Creative expression, Education Career progress in your life. Waves of wholeness roll through your life, your family, your community and the world nourishing and evolving all beings at every level of creation. Testimonials

Kaamakhya temple in Assam is famed throughout India as the birth place of Kaama Deva, God of Love. Tripura Sundari, patron Goddess, bestows bhukti (pleasure) and mukti (liberation/enlightenment). She harmonizes and integrates both aspects of life which, from orthodox perspective, are often held as mutually exclusive. More detail

Our Kaamakhya Pandits are born in Assam. The young Brahmins are clear conduits through which Tripura Sundari Devi's sublime reality is enlivened in our lives in its purity and potency. Yagyas performed here deliver excellent benefits

Shri Lalita Devi Laksmi Temple Allahabad

The city of Allahabad is one of India's most ancient and revered cities. Her 3 most sacred rivers - Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswathi converge here. The confluence is known as Sangam or Prayag or Triveni. Kumbh Mela, the world's largest spritual gathering is held here on a 3 year cycle (along with Nashik, Haridwar and Ujjain). 2013 saw 100 million people come together in Allahabad with one purpose: their spiritual growth and liberation. Our Allahabad Pandits will perform Navaratri Yagya at Sri Lalita Devi Laksmi Temple considered one of 51 Shakti Peeths or principal seats of Mother Divine.

Laksmi is inner and outer fullness

She is invoked by those desiring Wealth Happiness and Success. She governs affluence, abundance and success on all levels, from inner realms of spirit, emotions, psychology through outer realms of relationships, career and wealth. She also gives victory over intractable obstacles and great adversity. Laksmi is an excellent remedy for ingrained problems associated with Mercury (Psychology Career). She bestows abundance, prosperity and success.

Kali Math is situated in Himalayas on the way to Kedarnath, half an hour from Guptakashi. It is an ancient place of learning & experience established by Adhi Shankara. It's said he had such profound experience of Kali here that he established it as Kali Math or Monastery (center of learning and experience). Widely regarded as Sidha Peeth and Maha Peeth, one can cultivate deep and quite perfect experience of the sidhis. Due to the profound, pervading influence of Kali, yagyas performed here deliver outstanding benefits.

Level 3 Program - USD 456 AUD 675 EURO 399 GBP 354

- Durga Puja: invocation of Kali, Laksmi & Saraswathi
- Morning program = 3 recitations of Durga Saptashati (700 mantras invoking Mother Divine)
- Total 27 recitations over 9 days
- Evening program = 30 recitation of Kali Kavacham (Armor/Protection of Kali Maa)
- Total 270 recitations Kali Kavacham + 5832 Navarna Japa over 9 days
- Performed by Pandits at 3 celebrated temples each day for 9 consecutive days exclusively on your behalf

Level 2 Program - USD 304 AUD 450 EURO 266 GBP 236

- Durga Puja: invocation of Kali, Laksmi & Saraswathi
- Morning program = 2 recitation of Durga Saptashati (700 mantras invoking Mother Divine)
- Total 18 recitations over 9 days
- Evening program = 20 recitations of Kali Kavacham (Armor/Protection of Kali Maa)
- Total 180 recitations Kali Kavacham + 3888 Navarna Japa over 9 days
- Performed by Pandits at 3 celebrated temples each day for 9 consecutive days exclusively on your behalf

Level 1 Program - USD 171 AUD 234 EURO 144 GBP 126

- Durga Puja: invocation of Kali, Laksmi & Saraswathi
- Morning program = 1 recitation of Durga Saptashati (700 mantras invoking Mother Divine)
- Total 9 recitations over 9 days
- Evening program = 10 recitation of Kali Kavacham (Armor/Protection of Kali Maa)
- Total 90 recitations Kali Kavacham + 1944 Navarna Japa over 9 days
- Performed by Pandits at 3 celebrated temples each day for 9 consecutive days exclusively on your behalf

Level 4 Program - USD 608 AUD 900 EURO 532 GBP 472
Level 5 Program - USD 760 AUD 1125 EURO 665 GBP 590
Level 6 Program - USD 912 AUD 1350 EURO 798 GBP 708
Level 7 Program - USD 1064 AUD 1575 EURO 931 GBP 826
Level 8 Program - USD 1261 AUD 1800 EURO 1064 GBP 944
Level 9 Program - USD 1368 AUD 2025 EURO 1197 GBP 1062