2006 Maha Navaratri or 9 nights of Mother Divine runs Sept 23 - Oct 1. There are 4 navaratris each year, but September marks the 'maha' or grand festival of divine mother, the greatest one of the year.
Navaratri is a time of cleansing and purification throughout the whole of nature: a time when the tide of sattva or coherence or wholeness of life rises to purge the fragmented, imperfect values of natural law. It is a time when Shakti or power is victorious, when light triumphs over darkness.
More specifically, navaratri is Durga puja, a celebration of Durga - the wholeness of the God's feminine aspect. It is a time when the all nourishing quality of natural law is lively and accessible.
To harness the momentum of this highly auspicious time, Durga Puja [yagya] is traditionally performed. However any yagya or planetary yagya can be performed at this time with maximum effect. It is also particularly auspicious for performing Chandra/Moon & Sukra/Venus yagyas. In other words this will be a highly effective time to perform yagyas to strengthen mental/emotional/domestic happiness [chandra/moon] or love and relationship [sukra/venus]
Our yagyas are performed by a group of highly skilled & experienced Vedic Pundits. They give an experience of that level of awareness associated with the great sages and Maharishis (great seers) of ancient India.
This means blissful experiences and profound changes in the lives of those individuals blessed by these performances
(see testimonials).
These highly trained, dedicated and refined individuals who have had long association with a perfect master are expert in a unique and powerful method of performing their yagyas from the deepest, silent levels of their own awareness. There in lies their power and efficacy. Their yagyas work.
It is with great joy and gratitude that we offer this service to you.
Level 1 Group yagya - AUD$108
Level 2 Individual yagya - AUD$375
Level 3 Individual yagya - AUD$750
Level 4 Individual yagya - AUD$1008
Taking part in this Maha Navaratri Yagya celebration, you will generate a powerful momentum for success & affluence on every level: inner & outer - happiness, fulfillment & material affluence -

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