Navaratri - 9 Nights of Mother Divine

Navaratri or 9 nights of Mother Divine is the time of cleansing, purification and growth or evolution. During this window, the wholeness of life rises to purge the lower, fragmented, imperfect values of natural law. In Vedic mythology, it is depicted as the time when Shakthi (quintessential universal power), champion of the gods, is victorious over demons (lower, fragmented forces of nature). It is a time for light to triumph over darkness. The river floods and stagnant pools are swept away. It's an opportunity to purify, realign and recalibrate our lives: to get back on track - to realize our goals and aspirations.

Navaratri is known as 'Durga Puja': 9 nights invoking or celebrating Durga: Divine Mother -the wholeness or collectedness of God's feminine aspects. Yagyas are traditionally performed during this time to harness the momentum of this highly auspicious window of opportunity. Navaratri or Durga puja yagyas serve to direct the lively flow of nature's intelligence and organizing power into our daily lives to safeguard and enhance our progress and evolution and to achieve specific goals.

Our Unique Approach to Navaratris

In 2007 we tried a new approach to Navaratri/Durga Puja yagyas. We transported pandits from Delhi to Haridwar to perform the yagyas inside a celebrated Laksmi temple. Mansa Devi Laksmi Temple is famed throughout North India due to the extraordinary liveliness of Maha Laksmi's divine presence. This aspect of Laksmi is known as fulfiller of desires or granter of wishes. The reputation is built on the experiences of generations of pilgrims who find their sincere desires fulfilled and prayers answered after visiting the temple: like seeds planted in fertile soil.

As a result of the charged atmosphere, the yagya performed here was extraordinary. The clients who sponsored this yagya reported outstanding benefits.

We now perform all our Yagyas in celebrated temples to maximise there effect. Below are the 4 primary Navaratri Temples we use.