Essentials of Vedic Astrology Module 1: Static Horoscope
Lesson 3A: Planetary portfolios

Durga - Divine Mother

Planetary portfolios

CREATIVE POTENTIAL, Pleasures, Desires, Reproduction, Correct Behavior Wife,
Beauty, Sexuality, Sensual, Luxury, Harmony, Comfort, Music, Poetry, Vehicles (Minister) female
rules Taurus & Libra

Sukra as a general significator holds absolute sway over the vast domain of knowledge. This is the only planet that can give you acumen and intelligence of how to utilise Shastric codes in the practical field of life. For, it knows the intricates of all Shastras. Moreover influence of Sukra over the adornment of body and luxuries of life is well-known to all astrological pandits. The planet denotes fashions, perfumes, all artistic expressions, interior decorating. Sukra is beauty personified. The planet signifies practical knowledge, desire, passion, sexual pleasure, material prosperity and comfort, artistic skill, poetic faculty, music, musician, actor, feminine grace, lustre in the eyes, author-ship, dancing, learning, amiability, kindness, perseverance, vitality, marriage, sexual intercourse, adultery, scandals, dens of prostitutes, harems, pomp and grandeur, infinite faculties. Applied Science, young man and woman, flower, garment, machines, medicines, aesthetic sense, affection, sensuousness, romance, conveyance, painting. It signifies prostate gland, ovary of a woman, testicle, generating organ, Rajo guna, sour taste, south-eastern or eastern direction.
Disease : Venerial disease, disease of the uterus or ovary of a woman, diabetes, or disease of kidney, stricture due to gonorrhoea or syphilis, or enlargement of prostate gland, asthma or any other disease due to cough and cold, pthysis.
Colour : White.
Vocation : Engineer, poet, artist, musician, publicity business, or business of advertisement, actor, physician, business concerning conveyance, jewellery or medicinal products, astrologer.
Birth star : Magha.
Digit : 6, 37, 52.
Strength : Sukra is strong when the Sun and the Moon occupy Vrsa or Tula Rasi, or when the full moon is associated with either of the Nakshatras (Stars), viz. Aswini, Aslesha, Magha, Jestha, Moola or Rebati. Afflicted Sukra by association with malefics or by occupation in an unfavourable house causes loose morals. Again when Sukra conjoins with or aspected by Sani there is every possibility of late marriage or marriage disregarding the native's social customs or environments, Friendly aspect between Sukra and Chandra may make the native popular, ambitious, and prominent in public life but the native may be sensuous.

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