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Vedic astrology or ayurvedic astrology or jyotish is the traditional astrology of the ancient vedic civilization of India. It is held to be the eyes of Ved. Ved is the eternal blueprint of creation. It is the source of yoga; ayurved; eastern philosophy, spirituality & mysticism. The vedic literature is the oldest record of human experience known to man. Vedic astrology enlivens eternal laws of nature in the fabric of our daily lives. It is a pure form of astrology: the same as practised for thousands of years.

Vedic Oracle Consultations with Ganesha

"I've been consulting you and the other astrologer for the past 8/9 years... While he is very good and gives good personality profiles and says how the relationship is likely to be - he doesn't give me the yes/no. For me its about the yes/no. That's why I like you.You do all that with the personality profiles; but you give me the yes/no. The reading we did about 2 years ago... The way it's happening with the career and the relationship ...its pretty much what you'd said. ...You're pretty much spot on again

I have had the good fortune to verify the accuracy of Ganesh's jyotish (vedic astrology) and the efficacy of the yagyas that he arranges in my own life. I am simply left with a wonderment at the workings of the universe and an overwhelming gratitude for his help...

Nadi Astrology

Thousands of years ago the great seers (maharishis) recorded the destiny of individual souls (jivas) for all time. They did this by cognizing the subtle mechanics of creation on the finest levels of their own awareness. The cognitions were recorded in the form of dialogues between Lord Shiva & his consort Parvati. Through the perfect refinement of their awareness these enlightened sages directly experienced or 'heard' the self interacting dynamics of pure consciousness: the absolute field of existence. In this eternal conversation, God whispers to Himself about you - the details of your life & your future. Nadi astrology readings are now available outside of India. Your thumb print is scanned and emailed to Sth India and you speak directly with the translator and Nadi astrologer via live conference call.


Our joys and sorrows in this life are the fruits of actions (karmas) done in previous births. The fruits of our past actions are mediated or delivered to us by the planets. Their arrangement in the heavens at the time of birth is a karmic map of our life. Vedic astrology interprets this ‘star map’ (horoscope) and makes predictions based on it. Planets activate during the period of life alloted to them. A malefic or afflicted planet will deliver problems in the period of life ruled or influenced by it. Yagya relieves the suffereing delivered by malefic planets.

How Yagyas Work
Performing Yagya in Celebrated Temples

Portals to the infinite

Himalayan Trek: 29 June - 13 July 2012
You are warmly invited on this journey of a life time.
Immerse yourself for 15 days in the soul and beauty of the Himalayas and its timeless culture. Haridwar, Jyotir Math, Badrinath, Kalpeshwar, Rudranath, Kali Math, Kali Shila & Kedarnath.
Maha Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Maha Kali

Study Vedic Astrology

An invitation to discover the primordial
dynamics of your life. Learn vedic astrology through hands on experience exploring your own horoscope.

27 Nakshatras or Mansions for the Moon

Full moon wealth yagyas

Monthly program to cultivate prosperity
Devi Karumari Temple @ Thiruverkadu in Tamil Nadu:
fullness and affluence on all levels of life: inner and outer

For the past year or so, Anty Sami and Pandit Vijay have been trying a number of similar temples in tamil nadu on behalf of our clients. But for one reason or another, we have had to move on and have ended up here. While the results from the other temples have been good - this is special..


Background & Hanuman Chaleesa


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